The Scrum Guide Change Model


Guiding the Evolution of Scrum

The Scrum framework changes infrequently. Occasionally, there are compelling reasons to update Scrum as practitioners learn new ways of enacting Scrum's theory and principles. When Scrum does change, updates are published in new releases of the Scrum Guide. Any changes to the Scrum Guide (and therefore Scrum itself) are at the sole discretion of Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.

Ken and Jeff have established a feedback mechanism for suggestions and proposals regarding the Scrum Guide. The process for submitting change proposals is described here.

Proposing a Change to Scrum

Anyone may propose modifications to Scrum. To propose a change, follow this process:

1. Document the modification to be proposed

Use any format you wish, but please do detail your thinking in a formal document we can use to print and share your ideas as we discuss them.

2. Find a sponsor for your proposal

This is a person or community who can speak to the proposal's usage and effectiveness. This person or community must co-sign your proposal as a supporter. This ensures your idea has found support amongst others who see value in it.

3. Email your proposal here

 You will be contacted by a member of the Proposal Review Team within 3 months.

Most responses will be much quicker than 3 months. Please understand that the Proposal Review Team is staffed by volunteers who live in different parts of the world and each proposal will receive the attention of the full team. This may take time. 

If your proposal is accepted, it will be published to the Scrum Guide in a future revision.